Mick is a music composer and producer. He started composing at a young age. In his head he would provide soundtracks for the adventures he acted out with toys. At the ages of seven through thirteen he took keyboard lessons and switched to taking guitar lessons at the age of fourteen. After finishing highschool he discovered digital audio workstation which he used to produce to music he dreamed up so others could listen to it as well.
He started studying Composition for the Media at the HKU in Hilversum in 2012The effect that music has on the imagination is something that has always fascinated Mick. He believes that music is started by the composer and finished by the listener: “Interpretation plays an important role in music. At first when people got a slightly different interpretation of my music than what I originally intended to express I got a bit annoyed. I thought my music wasn’t clear enough. Now I think it’s a wonderful thing that my music can trigger and shape the imagination of the listener.”Mick graduated as a Bachelor of Music at the HKU in 2016 and is currently continuing to sharpen his expertise with a Master of Music.