An exciting audio-based running experience for rehabilitating military personal that collects useful data for the trainer. The rehabilitant will win through recovery.

TheĀ application

This project is commissioned by the Military Rehabilitation Centre (MRC) in Doorn. To make running more entertaining we created a auditory location based game which takes place on the entire areaof the Rehabilitation Centre. The main mechanic is a personalized level of running based on his/her current condition. The rehabilitant is encouraged not to overpass or run beneath this given level. This level can be changed automatically, or by the trainer himself if he sees that the rehabilitant is having issues with the current level.

The goal of the game itself is to collect intel by running towards certain locations on the map. The rehabilitant will be guided by an audio compass which will make noise when the rehabilitant is running in the wrong direction. If the rehabilitant is overpassing or running beneath his level, he will get feedback as a warning.

Beside this we also developed an app for the trainers on a tablet which is connected to all the rehabilitants of his/her current group. This enables them to get a overview of the rehabilitants and their liveĀ data such as their location and heartrate. The app also keeps track of all the games that have been played, so the trainer can view previous data in the form of a datavisualisation. This datavisualisation can be used by the trainer to give feedback to the rehabilitant during the evaluation of the session.